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Standard Process

Quality From Seed to Supplement  At our office, we believe that given the proper nutrition, your body has the amazing capability of keeping itself healthy.  We also believe that nutrition should be individualized to meet each client’s needs.  For these reasons and many more, we proudly recommend Standard Process supplements, formulated following the whole food philosophy of the company’s founder, Dr. Royal Lee.  Standard Process continues his holistic mission by growing many ingredients on its certified organic farm.




MediHerb, an Australian company, is a leader in herbal products for health care professionals in the United States. MediHerb’s success is fueled by an unwavering commitment to delivering premium quality, efficacious herbal solutions for optimal client outcomes.



The Vortex Water Revitalizer - Nourish by Nature

Imagine a way to experience water as though drinking from a mountain stream. Water that benefits your body, increases your vitality, and improves your garden and house plants, all while benefitting the environment. The Vortex Water Revitalizer is the solution to many of our current water problems. By treating water naturally and allowing it to move within its natural flow dynamic, your tap water transforms into healthy, living water, full of vitality. Your body, health, home and the environment will greatly benefit.

Be Nourished by Nature with the Vortex Water Revitalizer’s natural, life giving water.



Green Pastures

Green Pastures is the only provider of high-quality sacred-food oils just as they were made prior to the industrialized food and farming revolution.  High-Vitamin Butter Oil is the foundation product that all of their work has blossomed through.  Dr. Weston Price discovered High-Vitamin Butter Oil back in the 1930's but the pinnacle of his discovery was when he combined

Cod Liver Oil with High-Vitamin Butter Oil.




29 Symbiotic Species Found in Organic, Fertile Tilth  In much the same way that an infant's exposure to maternal bacterial cultures during natural birth help the infant to form a healthy, disease-resistant bacterial defense, environmental and soil-based bacteria commonly found in foods grown in fertile organic tilth assist in growing and maintaining a healthy makeup of internal flora.  This is the basis of SBO (soil-based organisms) probiotics like Prescript-Assist.™



Ohm Pharma

Ohm Pharma provides Banerji Protocol Homeopathic Remedies that are made with individual care, using traditional methods complying with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). We implement high quality standards for the manufacturing of the remedies in strict accordance with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS).  Optimal reliability and reproducibility of the dilutions is guaranteed by the standardization of the manufacturing processes.  Remedies are manufactured in strict accordance with cGMP, FDA and HPUS.


Ancient Minerals

Ancient Minerals ultra pure magnesium oil is extracted from the Ancient Zechstein Seabed in Europe, 1600 to 2000 meters deep in the interior of the Earth. Well protected for the last 250 million years, it is the most pure magnesium oil in the world and a mark of purity is on every bottle of Ancient Minerals.



Nascent Iodine

Nascent Iodine is a consumable iodine in its atomic form rather than its molecular form. It is an iodine atom that has an incomplete number of electrons. It is paramagnetic. What does that mean? Well, it means that the iodine atoms can hold an electromagnetic charge. While this all might sound a little like a flashback to chemistry class, the most important thing to understand is that Nascent Iodine has a huge energy release when consumed. This “charged” state is held by the atom until diluted in water and consumed, whereby it gradually loses energy over a 2-3 hour time span. During this time, Nascent Iodine is recognized by the body as the same iodine that is produced by the thyroid and is absorbed effortlessly by the body.

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